God loves us all, we sing it, we say it, but do we really believe it if we attack others that do not believe the same thing as us? If God LOVES US ALL and we aspire to be as God-like as possible, would we not want to love all others, no matter who they are and what they believe in? I believe with all my heart God creates us each with unique talents, abilities, and personal preferences. Closed minded and harsh beliefs do not make sense to me; I simply don’t understand. I want to give and receive love from all. There are some people who chose to follow parts of the bible and ignore the other parts, whatever is best suited for their interests. I believe this, there are contradictions within the bible. Does this mean I’m not Christian, or that I don’t believe in God, absolutely not. I speak to God as if He’s my friend, I pray and mediate to Him. I ask for the light of Jesus Christ to help guide and heal me, and I feel more connected than I ever did when I was in church reading the bible, because I’ve developed my relationship directly with God. I’m in service to God, devoted to Him and helping spread the love and light of Jesus Christ.

I hope one day others that close their mind can learn to calm their minds and open their hearts. Feel with their hearts and in their body the love the God has for ALL, and listen to what the angels and spirit guides have to say, as they are the ones who are pushing you on a spiritual path (sometimes we forget to thank them). But, if you are able to do this, listen closely and look around. You will notice the small acts of kindness they do for you on a daily basis, how they help you when you are in need, and how much more we really are connected to God and the spirit world that we understood.

To have a deep connection with the spirit realm is not ‘devil work.’ I am far from communicating with the devil, I am connecting with Angles and guides, whose purpose is to guide me spiritually closer to God. They help me to do work for Him. I hope this website helps others who disbelieve or crucify people connected with spirits to get a better understanding of how wonderfully angelic it is, and amazing it is to KNOW that your angels are with you and are guiding you to your best path.


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