Who I am

My husband Mike and I

My husband Mike and I

Hello, thank you for visiting me on my ‘journey.’ My name is Christina and am excited [and a little nervous] to share my journey! ¬†I’m only nervous because I think a blog will keep me more grounded and make me accountable to more than just my family and myself [a family always loves you know matter how many times you slip, internet fans aren’t as forgiving ūüėČ ]

Anyways, back to the most important people in my life. I am happily married to my best friend, Mike. We have three children; a Mini-Mike my husband had in his previous marriage [except he’s not so mini anymore, he’s just as big as his dad!], and two beautiful daughters we had together. Our son is grown and out doing his thing, but the girls are toddlers, not quite 14 months apart, so they keep us busy [since conception it seemed] 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are like the stores that never close for a holiday, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; but it’s okay! ¬†I LOVE BEING A MOMMY AND A WIFE. My whole life I was one of the people who wanted kids, I looked forward to the day I would get married and have kids running around. I am also so happy that they are so close in age, they are best friends and love each other more than I could have ever imagined already. The first year [or two] was real tough, I’m not going to lie [moms or dads with 2 under 2, you know what I’m talking about] nobody could have prepped you for how much work it is to have two babies and completely different stages. Then, all of a sudden they start playing with each other and develop this sense of protection over each other, and you see how amazing love is, even in the littlest spirits. I will talk more about them later [much more I’m sure as they are the center of my world].

So, back to my journey to nature. I have been learning about food and about living more healthy since becoming pregnant with my oldest [she’ll be 4 this summer]. I discovered how drinking too much coffee often leads to children exhibiting colic behaviors when they are born then add behaviors later, and how when you nurse a baby and catch a cold or flu bug your body has its own awesome antibiotic system and creates¬†antibodies¬†to the illness you have that are given to your baby through the breast milk, either preventing them from catching the illness, or helping them combat it [seriously how awesome is that? Our bodies are way cooler than we give them credit for]. Then I kept reading and reading to learn about making baby¬†food, and how these children had such a large variety of tastes for foods when they get older [plus they get tastes of what you eat when you nurse also]. All of these little discoveries had large effects on my life¬†and my family’s.

I’ve continued to do my research as time has gone on and I’ve learned so much more about how incredible our bodies are, how we can heal ourselves from ailments we forgot we even had [because they become part of our day we forget they are a symptom] and how powerful nature’s tools are for our health. God gave us what we need to fix our ailments, so why are we using synthetic drugs that attempt to imitate plants. Another thing I’ve learned along the way, God’s medicine is better than¬†pharmaceutical’s¬†impostors. I’ve learned a lot about those¬†impostors¬†as well, and the chemicals they put in our food, the studies that repeatedly show how damaging they are too our bodies, yet we are still sold this food to feed our children, and prescribed these medications to mask the problems without getting the source.

Along with realizing how wonderful God’s medicine is, I’ve rediscovered myself spiritually. Except, this time it wasn’t in a church, it was in meditation and through natural gifts, given by God. I will speak of these gifts later, and the journey to accepting who I am and what gifts God has blessed me with.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I do!

My Girls

My Girls



IPC_Logo_md_colorsOn my journey to discovering how much extra ingredients were in food, I also learned about what is in our medicine cabinet as well. I think we’ve become way too comfortable with poisoning ourselves, so much so that we don’t even realize we are doing it, or that’s there’s another way.

Much to my delight [and surprise to be honest] I’ve discovered how healing essential oils are. I had no idea what the new craze seemed to be about, I thought “come on, if we could get better with stuff found in nature we wouldn’t have this huge pharmaceutical industry” then I realized “we cut corners at the expense of our kids’ organs, yeah I think some people would love to make some money on legal drugs.” So, I gave the oils another thought and bought some that day.

While I was really excited to try them and I was hoping for the best, I’ve never had medicine work that well for me so I wasn’t putting my whole heart into it. Vitamins always made me nauseated, anti-inflammatory medicines always gave me ulcers after use of 3 days, and I just felt like once I started taking something the Drs. just wanted to keep me taking it, for forever it seemed. All the while- nothing was ever cured or went away completely and I always felt a little lousy, it was just masked temporarily.

Then, I started using doTERRA and I understood what all the [what I thought was hocus pocus] craze was about! Within the first day I felt a difference, but I tried to chalk it up to maybe I was having one of those rare, random, I just feel great days, then came day 2. I felt even better, more energy, great mood, and just overall felt fantastic. Day 3 and I was calling my friends and family and saying “look this is going to sound unbelievable, but these vitamins are the most amazing thing I’ve tried yet! They are makes ailments go away that I didn’t realize I had!”

My mentor Molly was the person who introduced them to me. The funny thing is I thought she was WAY too excited about some oils, and there was no way they were that amazing. It’s not that I thought she was lying, I can’t imagine her lying, all I ever feel from her is love and light [except when a teenager eats all the ice cream- but that’s a whole different story]. I just thought she was wanting these oils to be incredible so her mind and body were deceiving her; she was just the victim of her mind and it would all crash soon and she’d wonder why she was obsessed for a minute. BOY I WAS WRONG!

I’ve been using them for a little over a week now, I am selling them and trying to spread the word about them. Not to make money [of course that’s always nice too], but because they are genuinely amazing. I get this urge in me when I discover something new, that my family and friends don’t know about, I feel I have to tell them all and share my knowledge, so I’m sharing it with my blog world too! I’ll give you the specifics of my results next time!

If you feel so inspired by my excitement and want to purchase some of your own oils or blends, or just find out what this stuff is all about just click on the image above or this link, it will take you to my personal essential oils site: http://www.mydoterra.com/myjourneybacktonature/

My Beliefs

God loves us all, we sing it, we say it, but do we really believe it if we attack others that do not believe the same thing as us? If God LOVES US ALL and we aspire to be as God-like as possible, would we not want to love all others, no matter who they are and what they believe in? I believe with all my heart God creates us each with unique talents, abilities, and personal preferences. Closed minded and harsh beliefs do not make sense to me; I simply don’t understand. I want to give and receive love from all. There are some people who chose to follow parts of the bible and ignore the other parts, whatever is best suited for their interests. I believe this, there are contradictions within the bible. Does this mean I’m not Christian, or that I don’t believe in God, absolutely not. I speak to God as if He’s my friend, I pray and mediate to Him. I ask for the light of Jesus Christ to help guide and heal me, and I feel more connected than I ever did when I was in church reading the bible, because I’ve developed my relationship directly with God. I’m in service to God, devoted to Him and helping spread the love and light of Jesus Christ.

I hope one day others that close their mind can learn to calm their minds and open their hearts. Feel with their hearts and in their body the love the God has for ALL, and listen to what the angels and spirit guides have to say, as they are the ones who are pushing you on a spiritual path (sometimes we forget to thank them). But, if you are able to do this, listen closely and look around. You will notice the small acts of kindness they do for you on a daily basis, how they help you when you are in need, and how much more we really are connected to God and the spirit world that we understood.

To have a deep connection with the spirit realm is not ‘devil work.’ I am far from communicating with the devil, I am connecting with Angles and guides, whose purpose is to guide me spiritually closer to God. They help me to do work for Him. I hope this website helps others who disbelieve or crucify people connected with spirits to get a better understanding of how wonderfully angelic it is, and amazing it is to KNOW that your angels are with you and are guiding you to your best path.